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The Hidden Key to Voiding Your House & Contents Insurance

The Hidden Key to Voiding Your House & Contents Insurance

Don't make this basic mistake when it comes to securing your home

Be honest, we’ve all done it – hidden a spare key for the home where nobody would ever expect to find it… under the pot plant by the back door, under the mat, in the peg basket on the clothes line, in a fake rock, under the dog’s water bucket…there might have been a moment when you thought that was pretty clever…well think again…..

Let’s talk about house and contents insurance – you know, that policy that covers replacement TVs, jewellery, clothes, furniture, cameras, computer gadgets and more, and if you are a home owner then the policy which also covers your property – I know, you are too busy to even think about it aren’t you? Even as a tenant, if you value your possessions, you’ll need contents insurance as well (the insurance provided by the landlord does NOT cover contents insurance).

Have you thought about that spare key you have in that special place? That spare key could well be the one little thing that voids your insurance, leaving you in a world of pain without all those wonderful things – and wondering how you are going to replace them!

Read this quick article provided by Canstar Blue and you might change your mind.

If you aren’t sure whether your home property insurance is up to scratch the first step is to arrange for a FREE, independent market appraisal of your property –  call us on 5482 6444, or drop into our office at 153 Mary Street, Gympie to schedule an appointment – note, we can only provide an appraisal on real estate, not home contents.

Once you are happy with your property appraisal, and if you are looking for a competitive quotation on your house and contents insurance, or any other insurance, call Debbie Taylor from Elders Insurance on 5482 7055.

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