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When Pure Tank Water Isn’t so Pure

When Pure Tank Water Isn’t so Pure

How Clean is your Tank?

Looking down, into the tank, the water looked crystal clear. You could see the bottom of the tank.  In my mind I was thinking “nothing beats rainwater”.

It was one of those “we’ve just bought a house” new home feels – the list of things that we needed to have fixed just seemed to grow weekly – the joys of buying a very old home that needed a lot of love. This was one of those things on that list, at the time we didn’t see tank cleaning as a priority – however after speaking to Leon, it’s now locked in as an annual must-do event!

Water tanksNot long after, we had a huge amount of rain, the tanks were full but the water coming out of the taps had a strange smell – something we couldn’t quite put our finger on as to what it reminded us of, but we knew it wasn’t good.

Dirty tap water

Naturally – in the way that only social media can – stories started in our newsfeed about tank cleaning (really makes you wonder doesn’t it?) and so we took the hint and decided to contact Pure Tank Solutions to have our tanks cleaned.

Interestingly enough, the water they pumped out of our tank wasn’t as crystal clear as we thought it would be. In fact, it was revolting, putrid, muddy and there were a heap of other words that couldn’t quite describe it.

Pure Tank Solutions don’t use a lot of water to clean the tanks, and they prefer that the tanks are fairly full when they come to clean them – don’t wait until there’s hardly any water in the tank as it makes it more difficult for them to clean. There is minimal water loss during the process and they will check tank covers, outlets, etc to make sure none of those frogs decide your tank is the best place to breed.

Needless to say, Leon was not only a wealth of information with regard to tanks, water, roof and gutter cleaning – he also had some sound advice as to how often to clean, when to clean and more importantly WHY to clean.

We’d like to share this “Rainwater Tanks” document with you which has all the tech specs on tank water.

In the meantime, if you need your tanks and/or roof and gutters cleaned, call Leon on 0412 255 892.